first Boinc Results on an an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core found

so look here

and results are here

note, this Host will be prozessing 2 WUs at an time…

Sir Ulli

i will be getting on these when they are out :slight_smile:

now that looks like a tasty piece of hardware and the sooner multi-cpu ltsp is sorted the better :nod: Looks like multi core is going to be the way forward, I hope it picks up soon for the diskless, becuase that would be awesome :nod:


Did you check out the sub-5000sec times? And it’s doing two at once! Wow!

I’m in!!! :smiley:


“VT Python…Join or suffer the bunny’s wrath!”

Love it :lol:


it doing twice the work of my
Intel Xeon CPU 3.40GHz


I’m getting myself one anyhow as soon as the AMD 64 x2 ones come out in summer :smiley:

im 18 in july guys pull together and buy me 2 of them and all the stuff I need to build 2 rigs :wink:


Just looked again and he’s running a AMD 64 X2…

I was reading in PC Format that they aren’t due until the middle of summer…

Are they out already then?

Thanks DT! :smiley:

Probably an ES chip.

If you look at the guy’s other computers he has some really good ones but it seems he just tests them and then takes them off BOINC SETI right away. He’s got a P4 EE 3.73GHz and a couple of Pentium M’s as well. Lucky guy! :stuck_out_tongue: