First post

From linux! Ubuntu the be exact. figured out how to configure the ethernet address as i dont use dhcp.

I like it :smiley:

Keep after it, You will learn to love it. As I have said elsewhere Ubuntu, Single disk distro easy to configure.

Me thinks Gates may have lost another one. :devil:


I couldent not use wondows completley, as there are just too many programs that onyl work with it. i think i should start learning linux tho, for the future.

I think it may time fairly soon to gget myself back onto Ubuntu and to stick with it…
Stick with it and get it working completely to how I want it to work…

Ubuntu, that’s the one with the ugly backgrounds :lol: I quite like it, but don’t have it on an “in use” rig, I still stick with Fedora cores, although a recent delve into Debian was an interesting few hours.

You want pretty, boot up Overclokkix and get it onto a HD, a wonderfull custom build of Knoppix that one, and Wine and Folding already on it :chuckle:


Luckily there is the option I went. VMWare now offers 2 free products, VMPlayer to just run a windows virtual machine under linux, and the new one VMWare Server Beta, which can actually create as well as run Virtual Machines. I chose the Beta, have to register it, but it works for the couple windows programs I need to run, and allows interface with a couple windows only pieces of hardware. Just need to set up the windows file server settings for Samba and you should have all you need for external storage outside of the vm windows disk file, etc.

Just upgraded my Fedora System from 4 to 5 myself this weekend, having lots of linux fun :smiley:

problem for MC is that he needs xpmce to run for his xbox 360 :wink:

and now MS have also started to give VM Server away as a free download as well, and will reportedly support non MS operating systems that are running within a VM.


What is VMware?

google ?

Btw finally worked out how to install Boinc on ubuntu yesterday I was chuffed :slight_smile:

specially aftedr taking 20mins to work out that the ethernet was plugged in :blush:

If you’re going to be a Linux user, be one. If you can’t live without Bill, don’t. Such is life…