Fith Gear Stunt

I missed the episode, but saw this posted on another forum, and i was a little gobsmaked when i first saw it…


Good one. I’d still like to see the F1 car running upside down only held in place by the down force. That would be really cool. :smiley: :cool:

I heard about that factoid several years ago. I’m surprised no one has tried it. I guess the cost of the cars makes it prohibitive.

Watched that clip three times now.

Absolutely. Bloody. Amazing.

same, watched and re-watched then wondered if it could be done towing a caravan :lol:

May the battle between fifth gear ‘head of danger’ and top gear stuntman begin :lol:


the otehr thing that surprised me was the speed the car needed to be traveling at to complete it. Naturaly i assumed that it would have to travel a hell of a lot faster, but proves the saying;

More haste less speed

I thought it would have to be faster too, but that was on the assumption the loop would be bigger, therefore longer distance travelled and less G. As it was the loop was quite tight, seen by the car scraping its bottom on it. Just as well they used a short car…

That is an awesome vid cheers for bringing it up!