Flying Directions

A helicopter pilot is flying to Seattle, and hits a pea-soup-thick fog bank. He’s completely disoriented, and flies blindly around until he spies the top few floors of an office building. He pulls up real close to it, and gets the attention of a woman sitting at her desk.

“Excuse me!” he yells to the woman. “Where am I?”

“You’re in a helicopter,” she replies.

The pilot pulls off sharply to the left, takes one or two crisp turns through the dense fog, and then does a perfect blind landing at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

“That was amazing!” says a passenger. “How did you know from that woman’s answer where you were?”

“Easy,” says the pilot. "Her answer, while correct, was absolutely useless.

So I immediately knew the building had to be Microsoft Tech Support."

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excelent, I’ll have to post that one in the microsoft beta testers cafe newsroom, I bet it’ll go down well

:haha: :lol: :haha: Good one!