Flying off tomorrow


Well im off for 4 months in sunny Iraq so see ya all in julyish.

Just to let you know how great the air force is if youre thinking about joining up (lol as if) I found out I was off in January then I got my courses booked for mid Feb then it got brought forward to the 26th which is fun…been on courses since end of Jan so I aint been home AND to top that all off my flight has been changed and they aint even told me, found out the day before i fly…so im goin 2am tomorrow as opposed to 10… thanks for that…

bye bye all…cya all soon have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

/me props the bar up in Iraq and his local closes

Well piggy you keep yourself safe and i will be thinking about you while you are away.

And see you when you get back i will miss you and our chats in IRC.

Take care of you

Helen xx

oh yeah forgot to mention one of the courses allows me to go out on patrols and do do top cover on the convoys, rare for the RAF, so guess whan im doin when the ARMY/RAF Reg are understaffed lol

any Iraqees stay off the streets if im about :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep safe m8.
Dont stay away too long :slight_smile:

keep it tight mate. kick the tyres and light the fires.

keep safe :slight_smile:

good luck

Good luck Warpig…want me to look after your S4K account :wink:


Good luck Piggy :slight_smile: Hope you manage to have fun too :clap:

Good luck!

lol and I was considering the RAF as a career at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

Well enjoy your time as much as possible and wack a terrorist for me while you are there! :nod: