Folding@Home 2 Weekly report

[u]Folding@home weekly Report[/u]

Team Status

as of approximately 18:00 25/12/2001, all production count in points unless otherwise indicated.

Points/work units: 551/305 (last week: 354/?)
Team Rank: 82 (last week: 95, +13)
Weekly Production: 197 (last week: 107, +90)
Peer Production*: 127.25 (last week: 98.7, +29)

We’ve climbed an astounding 13 places in the last week, thanks to wynotiel who’s now joined and already helped to significantly bump up our output despite not being included in a whole week’s worth of figures. Our collective Folding output has near doubled two weeks running - good show :). At this level we’re outproducing most other teams below position 40, so I can predict we’ll be continuing to climb very quickly, we should make at least position 75 by the next edition :).

Last 7 days (in points)

TPR Mojo 70
wynotiel 50
N2OCapri 45
alexbalmer 32 (me)


We well and truly smashed my ‘90’ prediction from last week, so 80 will be no problem this week coming up. We’ve passed 500 points.


Again, more or less static, though by next week I think there’s going to be a leadership contest… one I couldn’t win if Mojo was really trying. Nothing like a good 3 week headstart eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


A Total of 10 CPU’s running on the project this week, double that of last. I hope to add 2 more to that total by next week.

Letters to the editor :slight_smile:



Folding work units are of varying size, so they are assigned a points value approximately equivalent to the amount of processing required. Typically the largest work unit is worth 2 points.

*Peer production - The mean production of teams within a range of 4 on either side of ourselves. I believe it gives an idea of how we’re doing relative to others in our region of the chart.

good show :smiley:

prod prod anyone need more beer??? :smiley:

nice report :smiley: and even better performance,keep it up lads

Nice rep nitrile, glad to see my bit of extra effort and the new guys chipping in has given you some good company in this effort.

Drive on folks, T50 placing is the minimum expectation of a TPR team :smiley:

OBTW Hit the Folding T1000 today, ickle mini-milestone for me

Originally posted by TPR_Mojo
OBTW Hit the Folding T1000 today, ickle mini-milestone for me

I’ll make a note to include these for next week :).

Cool, nice report :slight_smile:

Certainly is starting to heat up in the Folding side of TPR lol, I’ve just had to copy you guys and pull some iron away from Seti just so I don’t get wallked over too badly :slight_smile:

When Driver has emptied its’s cache ( couple of days ) two more machines are gonna do a few Folding units :slight_smile:

Top 50 should be with us pretty soon