Folding@home and Illegal borging

Attention new and old folders. It has been suggested that these rules be posted on every teams forum. Pande group is taking this seriously and so should we.

Can I run Folding@Home on a machine I don’t own?
One is only legally permitted to install Folding@Home on machines one either owns or on which one has the permission of the owner to run the Folding@Home software. Any other use of Folding@Home violates our license agreement.

What does Folding@Home do about illegal installations?
We have taken swift action against illegal installations (such as Jethroted and Dales Kid) and are prepared for immediate action in case of other similar infractions. See below for 3rd party uninstallers.

We have remotely terminated any further calculations for these clients so they will no longer use any significant CPU time or bandwidth. In addition, these accounts have been zeroed, no more points will be added, and investigations are on going. One cannot stop someone from installing software in an illegal fashion, but we can and have removed all incentives to do so and are investigating additional prosecution of the offenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for uninstalling Folding@Home
License Agreement

Will post this over on BW too. :wink: