Folding News 6/1/2007

After the excitment of the 10.5Million race, we now turn our sites towards our previous aussie concquers, Beefysworld. :devil:

Stats updated 30/12/2006

TPR are ranked 81st overall, with no moves in the last 7 days.
Our current overall points are 10,738,512 and the overall work units done are 116,049

Todays total was 18158 points from 36 active crunchers, seems with the ending of the race alot of people have turned of production :frowning: oh well.

New Users

None :frowning:


None :slight_smile:

Top 20 Producers

With the drop in the teams daily production, it’s still good to see some big numbers being posted :slight_smile:

Team Standings

NOTE: * Weekly totals re-set 7/1/07

Threats and Conquests

The drop in team production shows here by the increased number of threats on our ‘six’ and our imminent dinner date with a few bovine Aussies set back to a later date. :frowning:
All errors and omissions are intentional :wink:


Thanks for the news Preecey :thumbsup:

Don’t think it’s particularly that Preecey, I presume there will be plenty of our team in my position - bogged down with P212x which are not good for ppd (all good science though).

Thanks for the news update Preecey :thumbsup:

@ Mulda: Been getting a lot of 1495’s lately which have upped my average considerably.


Back p to full production :smiley:

Cheers Preecy

Likewise, but they dried up as the New Year came in. Still getting the odd 1 or 2 P149x, but not enough to keep the PPD high.

Well i’m hatchign a master plan for my folding stas :Plot:

SMP is the way to go , they have even upped the points per WU . I’ve got two SMP rigs going and they kick out about 2400 points per day between them , and about another 900 ppd from SEVEN other machines

Shame the SMP client is currently Linux and 64 bit only. :frowning:
I’d happily run a windows 32 bit one on my Core Duo or even a linux 32 bit one as I’d run a VMware Server so I could.

Go back to this thread on the folding forums Drezha:

I see you posted there once, but since then, it seems some guys have 64 bit VMWare running the SMP client from 32 bit windies boxes.

Comments like :

Not tried it myself, so I can’t vouch for it. It does seem that it is not for the feint hearted, but it could be interesting nonetheless. :smiley:

Vmware server needs the following…

Hardware Requirements for 64-bit Guest Operating Systems
VMware Server supports virtual machines with 64-bit guest operating systems only on host machines that have one of the following 64-bit processors.
AMD Athlon 64, revision D or later
AMD Opteron, revision E or later
AMD Turion 64, revision E or later
AMD Sempron, 64-bit-capable revision D or later (experimental support)
Intel EM64T VT-capable processors (experimental support)

of which I have neither.
But I do have that thread on email notification already so I know what happens :slight_smile: Cheers anyhow.

ok, I thought the Core Duo had EMT64? :confused:

Anyway, even if it doesn’t work just now, I doubt it will be long until support for the C2D is available under VMWare, at which point it will be time to make hay;)

C2D is great and works with the server.

I have a CD :wink:

Ugh… sorry, my bad (to coin a horrible modern phrase)!

'tis getting late and the old codger’s brain doesn’t work so well at 10 to 2 in the morning. :whiteflag:

Time for bed said Zebedee. :o