For RC fans

I haven’t played the video yet, but are those actually jet engines on that B52, m8?

It looks absolutely awesome!! :eek:

Yup they are, and its a Brit who built it i think.

Now that’s reall purdy :slight_smile:

I had go with an an RC glider once. Spent hours making it, took it to a quiet hill on the Purbecks and crashed it in real style first flight. :doh:

That’s stunning.

my goodness that thing is huuuuuuge


That so makes me want to get back into R/C planes :frowning:


I’m not racing a plane Butuz, that’d be totally unfair! :p.

Now there is a bunch of nutters. How many quid are invested in that?

You could cause mass panic in many countries in the world by just flying that about - it’s a monster!

You’re probably looking at

$1500 per engine (+ Ancillaries) x 8 = $12000
$2000 for the Radio set = $2000
$11000 for assorted Servos (possibly more!) and Receivers = $11000
$5000 assorted Pneumatics = $5000
$2000 materials/machining of undercarriage etc = $2000
$10000 materials for build (carbon fibre/balsa etc) = $10000

At a rough estimate, if you add in labour time, fuel etc, insurance (you need to insure something that big in case of crash etc), i would think at least $50,000

Oh, one more thing,


$Priceless - The look on their faces when they crash the f****r!!!

I was searching for more information on it and a reference was made to it costing $65,000 :eek:


clucking hell !!! nice bit of kit :slight_smile: