Forum needs updating.

I have noticed that since the new forums have come into being, that some (such as Einstein@home) have gone without updates for a long time.

I propose that such projects (ones not currently focused on by the team) get at least a monthly update so that members have some sense of what is going on and can see their accomplishments.

I would be happy to take up this duty if someone would tell me what I need to do.


I’m happy to provide occasional progress reports for SZTAKI (none at present as their workunits are dysfunctional) and RCN (none at present as the web site is stuffed,) if only a three-liner every week or so.

Is DoubleTop’s stats collection working for all the projects now? Would it behave with less frequent, semi-regular updates?

Thats perfect… and exactly what we need. Of the many projects that are crunched at TPR only a few get regular updates. I understand that it must be difficult to do daily updates, but if we shift the work around and spread the lesser crunched projects out to weekly or monthly then I think this gap would be filled.

Thanks Michael for your offer. I hope we can get somthing together soon :slight_smile:

thank you. I would like to see an update for Einstein once in a while. I would offer to help but it is well beyond my ability to post. I have been crunching Einstein full time for a month. I plan to run it for a few more to balance out my contribution among the Boinc projects I participate in.

the Einstein forum was added as we have a pretty high account of ourselves in the project. I did wonder when I moved posts and only found the 9 threads, but I think it is worthy and if it gets a few people posting then all the better :slight_smile:

Thanks fenix25 - I’ll see about getting an Einstein news creator made :slight_smile:


That would be cool. Thanks DT.

…and if someone would show me what to do I would be happy to do weekly updates… if not daily ones if interest picks up.