French. What the.......

So I’m on contract out here in FRance, picking up a bit of the lingo, and I’m coming to the conclusion that French is a bit doo lally.

J’ai le cul borde de nouilles.

Literally means “My arse is bordered with with pasta” , translation actually is “I’m lucky” WTF?!?!?

J’ai le tete don cul

Literally means “I have my head up my arse”, translation actually is “I’m tired” WTF?!?!?!

Very strange…

Suddenly the whole “French” mindset is so easy to understand :chuckle: No ?

at least nobody’s told you you’re beau comme un camion yet :flip:

As pretty as a lorry?

I’ll get someone here to translate :smiley:

Almost - as handsome as a lorry :slight_smile:
Apparently it’s a compliment :confused:

The whole nation has its “tete” up its “cul” - and has had for years.

I too was crap at French Neal :slight_smile: the only time I had any interest in it was when we got one of those young student type teachers for 3 months … ooooh la blooody la she was nice :nod: :chuckle:

ooooh la blooody la she was nice

exactly the same reasons i never concentrated in MY french lessons ;