Friday - Time for a Drink

Who wants a drink on me? :D:D

Pick your Beer Here or your Cider Here



They dont have the full pint tinnie in the site :frowning:


:chuckle: reminds me

Try saying “Beer Can” without sounding like a Jamaican saying Bacon :chuckle:

Me likes but in a bottle with a lime! :slight_smile:

Of course I am not allowed such carbohydrate luxury ! :nono: But a virtual beer seems safe! :nod:

One of these for me :slight_smile:

Although mine’s currently an Old Peculiar :agree: :nod: <-- yup watch these guys after a few :wink:

Only managed to try the “Wobbly Bob” but it was a good pint :nod:

. . . . . wonders if Mojo has considered having a new guest beer recently

Quick…keep Jeff out of here, he will drink the place dry :smiley:

I’ll have one of these (the bottle that is :smiley: )…

. . . . opens his little black book and makes notes the in the H section :chuckle:

Had some guest tickets for the ticket-only opening of a new bar/resturant in Sheffield - Las Iguanas

Had a cocktail thing made with crushed ice, crushed lime quarters, sugar and alcholic things - no idea what it was called but it was nice :slight_smile: rinsed that down with a Corona with that dumb piece of lime in the top :rolleyes:

After that I just drank… erm… something in bottles :drink: that I can’t seem to remember now :confused: :spin:

There was free food on too - excellent stuff - nice and spicey jus t the way I like it :stuck_out_tongue: woke up at 8:30am with a small headache and a pressing need to attend to the call of nature :bigdump: