ere can anyone help me?, Ive tried Microsoft site but finding my way round it is worse that Hampton Court Maze!

OK, problem one is when I turn computer on , I get error message saying ‘runtime error 53’

second error messsage was ‘error 6 - handle is not valid’

and thirdly, most of the website I now go to, the text is so small it is not readable.




i can help with the text size one lol

hold down “ctrl” and roll the mouse wheel up to increase the font size down will decrease it.

welcome to the forums jaybeebee

1: runtime error 53 is “file not found” -error in (at least) Visual C++ and Visual Basic, most probably the last program you installed, uninstall it and see if you still get the error.

2:'error 6 - handle is not valid not sure about this one

3: what web browser you using? or select view from browser menu and then text size.