Funding setback for orbit@home

Pasquale Tricarico reports about funding:

Our proposal submitted to NASA last summer has not been selected for funding… but we will continue to work…, investing as much time as possible on it… The good news is that now part of my research goes into improving ORSA, the software providing the celestial mechanics computation algorithms for orbit@home, so this will have a very important impact on the orbit@home project itself.

It looks as if regular workunit production will be further delayed. I found this news on L’alliance Francophone home page and the headline is witty enough to deserve a quote:

Orbit@Home pourrait passer très loin de nous!
(“Orbit@home could pass very far from us!” - originally I was thinking it would be “Orbit@home could be a very near miss!” but ‘très loin’ is certainly ‘very far’)