Games, Equipment or Stuff for Mojo's

What do you reckon I’ll need or want?

Having not been beofre… :slight_smile:

beer tokens, all driver discs just incase :wink: if you plan on doing devils blood bring a spare toilet :wink:

and any little gadgets that would be cool to look at !!

End of the day you just need yourself :wink: and some socialising money for beer/food.

Additions = PC… (HeadPhones), If you have a 4way strip bring it just incase
Don’t forget your base unit :wink: mouse/keyboard/… mousemat

Games are like UT2K4… CounterStrike

The other’s are better at saying what games since i’m in gen a UT2K4 only.

Total Anihilation has been played a fair few times as well.


No idea on what games are being played there these days cause I’m usually too busy socialising :smiley:

Sleeping bag/tent/airbed or whatever if you intend sleeping at any point of the weekend :wink:

Ah righto.

Sleeping bag I guessed. TA hey? I haven’t played that for years! Must find myself a copy. :slight_smile:

And beer tokens…excellent.

30 beer tokens required at least for weekend right? then more for drinkies?

Food in general from the bar is between £5 & £7 depending what you have
Not sure what the deal is this time, but past events have had on the saturday
an all you can eat for a £5 meal deal curry type setup in the main function room
to keep us away from his regular punters and ease the hassel on Mojo and staff
in gen.

Think the entrance fee (£30 ish I believe for this one) covers the food for Saturday night too, but I’ll let Sarge or Mojo confirm that one :slight_smile:


As much as you can eat?! Excellent! :smiley:

Does intresting gadgets carry over to boy’s toys like airsoft :wink: I might bring my kit to show…

Intresting gadgets can include anything from usb fans to rc cars or perhaps even lethal spud cannons :smiley:

you forgot the semi-lethal mini-motos :stuck_out_tongue:

I will forget semi-lethal mini-moto too

Now a mini-quad might turn up but its too early to tell.

well if spud cannons appear then an airsoft gun is nowt much compared :slight_smile:

toying with bringing the spudder… though I bet like last time it will blow itself apart
but who knows :chuckle: