@ Gandelf Nvidia 295

OK so does a 295 run 2 cuda apps, cause it has 2 X 240 stream processors?

Yes it does. See Here it allocates a task to a GPU in this example GPU 2. This unit would of taken between 4-5 minutes real time.

You will need a 4 way box to keep a GTX295 fully happy, otherwise the GPU will hit the 100/day/cpu limit - gpu’s don’t count towards you limit :(. I was averaging 1.75 real mins per unit over a 2 hour period yesterday, ok mostly fast units but do the maths…1440 mins per day / 1.75 = 822 units per day.

In theory, I could be doing approx 800 seti units and 10-14 AP units on the same machine, but it would run dry with the 800/day an i7 is allowed to download.


hmmm you have dual 295’s in that example then?

Yes I do.