Gardens (56K Warning)

At our flat we share a back garden with the rest of the tenants.
and its in a bit of a state.

As you can see by these pictures.
I spoke to the housing officer today who was walking along with the housing inspector.
so i go out and speak to them and show them exactly what you see in the above pictures. and explain that we dont have keys for any of the sheds.
i also told them i was a qualifyed gardener and if i was given the tools id be more than happy to do the garden myself as long as a first cut was done and sweep of the garden for hazards.
they kindly agreed and said that the rubish will be uplifted and enviromental health will make a vist and a first cut will be done.
hopefully if all goes well i will post pictures of the finished product :slight_smile:
hopefully another victory for the tenant :slight_smile:

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Well done andy :thumbsup:

Is Scottishbird going to help ?, obvously without a bra :devil:

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LOL nice ;),
I think helen would help but she prefures to go against the laws of gravity and wear a bra :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting the Council heavy gang to do the first cut, thats a result but they appeared not to have used much of their grass cutting budget yet :chuckle:

If you need any advice on using a weed burner let me know.
I have finally mastered the “Not setting fire to next doors fence” but it took a couple of buckets of hastily applied water before I perfected it!

Now Burning the area does sound tempting…How much do you charge ‘o’ pyrotechnic one?

“He’s a firestarter Twisted firestarter!”

/what do you think of my sig btw… i can now haunt you all with my uglymug!