Gona get the ball rolling.....

Ok so about 2years ago I bought a cheapo dvd player from argos the first bugger started scraching disc’s :frowning: 90quids worth to be exact…but I didnt notice until I had scratched them all. Anyway Argos refused to reinburse me for all the DVD’s so they sent me 30quid…there excuss=

‘You must have noticed the scratches before you the time that you tell us you found out’

but they replaced the player…

anyway for that reason I refuse to buy a DVD player from argooooos, and now finally that has died :frowning:

so I need a new-un but!! what I was thinking was to get one of those Wireless RF sendy box thingy’s…so I could hook it up with the pc and play things through that…my qeuestion is…would it work ?? Id need one that could do s.vid for my ati9800 pro…but would it work ??


far easier to buy a divx,mp4,wma player, and a huge amount cheaper. The Crystal DivX player from Aria that I’ve got has played every format I’ve thrown at it :thumbsup:

CD’s are throwaway items imo so I just use them, the only thing to remember when watching though is that on large ‘home videos’ remember to put in chapters in Nero :smiley:


ye thats another option…and I agree cd’s are throw away but Id just like the idea. and I was wondering…what are the boxes called ?? are they RF wireless senders and recievers or something ??

Would it work tho ??