Got biceps like Popeye!!!

…all because the power steering belt snapped and I haven’t been able to get a new one.

It’s surprising how hard it is to steer without power steering. New belt on VOR order for tomorrow, but blimmin hard work driving like this I can tell you!!! :realmad:

Try experiencing it on a twistycounty lane in the middle of an overtaking
manouver when your power stearing pump seezes up :eek:

Engine miss fires … car comming other way

That was My Scaryist driving experience… :nod:

:eek: Ouch!!! No I think my situation’s easier :nod:

How about a broken tie rod end @ 70 mph! :eek:

That would certainly make you have to get clean underpants :lol:

My worst has to have been moving one of our farm tractors (big four wheel drive tractor) to a different piece of land. Tractor was going about 20 mph (full throttle, top speed) when a valve let go and dropped into the cylinder. When the piston went up, it punched a nice hole through the head, filling the cylinder with water. Now on the compression stroke, it locked the engine up tight (water doesn’t compress) and nearly put me through the front window when the tires suddenly stopped turning on a paved road.

New head and one rod/piston and we were back in business the next day. It is the same type of engine used in a lot of the over the road trucks. Big 855 Cummins diesel. When used in the trucks, they call them a 400 Cummins or 350 Cummins reffering to what HP rating the engine has, but it is still the same 6 cylinder, 3 head 855 cubic inch displacement engine.

When I first started learning to drive coaches, the coach I was learning on had no Power Steering or Power Assisted Steering at all… It was on an old Bedford…My arms ached for ages until I started getting used to it…

A car without power steering is a piece of cake compared to a coach:D