Gotta love project priority...

…and the new Boinc client.

One switch made, come on you Predicting bunch. I’ve been in mail contact with David Braun from Scripps about a few issues and questions.

Which other project do you get a 4hour response average to e-mail queries???

No picking bones, the validator has “issues” but the more units pushed through it the easier to pick them out - so - thats the diskless5 on 100% Predictor for a few weeks. A cracking project and a real shame we lost top spot after all the hard work we did for the Predictor project and Scripps Research Institute.

And whilst on the topic of Predictor - :wave: to Chuck :wavey:


Just downloading Boinc client 4.32

Thought I’d give that one a whirl…

…A cracking project and a real shame we lost top spot after all the hard work we did for the Predictor project and Scripps Research Institute…

Been pedalling had here since we lost #1 - OK I’ll pedal even harder :slight_smile:

<doubles Predictor preference…>

Been running Predictor hard since the “call to arms” but its hard to ignore the place in seti thats under fire too :flip:

Could really do with more hardware :devil:

Been crunching Predictor since we lost 1st.

Slowed a bit when I got some LHC WU’s but full Predictor again…if I get any BURP units/LHC/Pirates they will get crunched…

todays job list…

software development meeting at 11am

reboot and test the three idle diskless nodes that has some form of hardware failure in the last couple of weeks. One barton chip I think went bye bye, but have a xp1800 to replace, one may be terminal as I suspect the board, the other is just me being lazy and all it needs is switchin on.

A busy day ahead :wink: :lol:


OK so I got a 3.0 Ghz P4 sitting here idle :eek: has the reliablity improve lately?

I’ve not had a no work available for the last fortnight Major - so in my experience, yes it has improved, there are still validator bugs kicking around but nothing too major (no pun intended)


On Predictor?

Had no trouble at all since 3-4 weeks ago when the thing wouldn’t give me any work but all sorted now.

Switched my new machine to predictor . We will see how it goes :slight_smile:

I’ve still not made it into the loft… I know, I know SLACKER etc etc


so L’Alliance Francophone are about two days behind us, I got my :moon: into the loft.

4x2.2Ghz bartons
1x2.1Ghz xp
2xP4 2.4Ghz

100priority predictor, 50cpdn, the two together don’t seem to get on, I’ve caught the Predictor all complete a couple of times with massive times before attempting a reconnect. Hit the unit quota for the first time on one machine :slight_smile:

Effectively doubled my Predictor output, and most of the machines in daily use were off today !!!

Punter machine going out the door tomorrow - that’s “burning-in” :lol:

Were you tempted by Neal and Folding??? Predictor science is not too dissimiliar, share the resource :nod: :Poke: :Pimp:


Predictor credits flowing thick and fast - the new Helix units are ~20-30 mins each and validation is super-quick :slight_smile:

These new helix units take the pi** for people with no web access 1000% of the time…Estimated 3+ hours then take 20mines? :mad:

Lucky I got 30+ LHC WU’s…