In a cup for drinking.

Am I crazy for doing it?:smiley:

Awesome stuff. Used to drink it as a kid sometimes in school for school dinners when the sausages were all gone and gravy was left.

Had a big pot of granules sat in the cupboard so I thought I’d have a cup whilst doing some work. Better than coffe:cheers:

Oh this is the proper beef gravy…none of that awful golden gravy stuff!:scared:

Yeah in the winter we used to have a mug of gravy at lunchtime at school it fair warmed the cockles of your heart :smiley:

Never been into drinking it, but rather nice drizzled on bread alone to make
nice gravy sarnies.

Buttered Toast

My Ears are BROKEN!

Its a cartoon network thing

Ahhh bist…<advertising…bad bad bad bad…sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Yummmm a good pot roast gravy on crusty bread, nothing better. :wiggle:

so just when I thought tpr couldnt get any wierder :confused:

my thing was lyons golden syrup mixed with a lot of butter on toast… lovly but not very good for the dentist !

thats not proper gravy…like my Gran used to make.


i like good proper gravy, made from the juice of the roast. and save my mashed potato till last and mix the gravy into it! mmmmmmmmmmm

Cant beat the juice from a good roast on yer veg

the juice goes into the gravy otherwise its crap and watery… and yes keep it for the tatos :slight_smile:

no no no…

its not watery if you use powder.:smiley:

Gravy Granules ??

How dare you call that gravy !!!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


exactly as Sarge said…

Its nancy stuff !!

Anyone ever heard of soup? That’s normally what you drink out of a cup

bet you havent tried it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah soup is great out a cup but if you run out of soup then you get the gravy out.

Guaranteed I’ll run out of gravy first:nod:

My old man is from Yorkshire and he’s never mentioned this gravy thing before:nono: Must just be that you bunch are weird:nod:

My favourite British chow is definitely Toad in the hole. YUM



I’m refusing to make a roast just so I can drink a pint of gravy!:eek:

and soup comes outta a can…Cuppa Soup is foul:p

Cant beat the juice from a good roast on yer veg

sounds like you are a professional footballer? :wink:

Bloody colonials letting the standards slip!

Cups are for Coffee.

Now wheres my Gin Wallah ?