Green Bananas

A bloke working on the buses taking fares pusheson of his passengers to off the bus and kills him. At the trial he is found guilty of murder and is sentenced to the electric chair.

As a last meal he asks for a bunch of green banannas, which he duly eats.

They sit him down, plug him in a send a million volts through him. When the smoke clears he is sitting there, right as rain. Checking through the statutes the governor finds he has no choice but to release him.

The chap goes back to his job on the buses and lo and behold allows another passenger to fall to his death. Once again he is found guilty and sentenced to death.

At the prison he, again, asks for a bunch of green banannas, which he duly recieves and scoffs down. In the chair again and this time he is zapped with 2 million volts. Smoke clears and bu66er me there he sits, right as rain.

As before he goes back to his old job. Through a combination of stupidity and sheer malice he, yet again, allows another passenger to fall to their death (under a train at that, it was quite nasty really!) The judge has no choice but to find him guilty and off he goes to the chair.

As you may have guessed he asks for his bunch of green banannas (getting predictable now) Eats them, gets strapped in, 3 million volts and yep, he’s right as rain.

The executioner, who is really pi55ed off by now, approaches him and asks what the secret is, is it (as he suspects) the green banannas that save his life. “No” replies the prisoner “I’m just a bad conductor!”

Dah Daaaaah!



Te he

oh dear that was bad :smiley:

that has to be the worst joke i have heard all year…

i salute you sir :slight_smile:

I think for that joke you need a slap accross the back of the legs :wink:

It did make me laugh tho lol