Halfway house for budgies.

…lol last year before xmas i caught a green budgie in glasgow…
he is doing well no problems whatsoever.
yesterday a woman from down the street had a blue budgie land on her balcony. and i took it in.
also he/she is also doing fine :D.
they were fighting for a bit now they have calmed down.
what next a parrot???
Please do NOT send me any poultry or any other kind of avarian bird as i am simply running out of seed :p.
And room.
…me and helen both agree if one of those birds even sneezes they are being ejected at the speed of light!.

what colour is the bit above the new ones nose? If its brown its a girl if its blue its a boy

my mum had 2 budgies, they was too young when we got them to see what sex they wear, but one was blue and one was green, so mum called them Harry and Sally [from the film]
ended up both being Male… can u imagen being called Sally all your life?

John Wayne didn’t do to bad after being saddled (no pun intended) with a girly name :smiley:

Please do NOT send me any poultry or any other kind of avarian bird as i am simply running out of seed

I have this huge temptation to send you a frozen chicken hehe

Ok i just phoned the RSPB for some information.
me:Hello there i have aquired two budgies that have flown from either someones avery or cages ect.
RSPB: im sorry we cant give you any information on birds we only protect them.

I phone a bird sanctuary.
Me: hello i have aquired blah u know the rest.
Sanctuary: Sorry you will have to phone a vet for that kind of information.


Me:Hi there (Blah.
Vet: you will have to bring the birds down so i can see if they are healthy ect.
Me ok how much is that oh and also i think they need there claws trimmed.
Me: ok is that for the pair…
Vet: No each…
Me…ok… well ill make an apointment some other time…


Yahoo geocities have more information than any of the people i have spoken to.
just by looking at a few geocity sites i found out that the femal has the brown beaky bit like MD said alreaddy.
and the boy has the blue.
also i dont need a license to breed them if i choose not to breed hem i can just discard any eggs ect.
the blue budgie is just a couple of weeks old so the beak is still white at the top.
but i think it may be going blue which is worrieng seeing as the birds are kissing.
At walter Yeh that would be great for sunday if you can do it :stuck_out_tongue: want P+P?
j/k btw i know what u lot are like :wink:

actually blue budgie could be female in that case (if it stays white, baby budgies tend to have pink sears) and is whats known as a pied budgie, if you found a pied male you could make some money out of it as they are a bit more difficult to breed, unfortunatly mate our new one is a pied female too

Cool well if they do end up trying to breed i may invest in a nesting box and do some reading :)… the local petshop is always short on birds…then again all the birds round here are short…;).
cheers MD ill bare that in mind :slight_smile:

well what your looking for is the “kissing” thing (they are actually feeding each other), and if one goes beside the other on the bottom of the cage and the male brings his wing across her…(v discreet little creatures), youll also need some EMP food (Pets at home sell it as “conditioning food”) cos females tend to get a bit weary when they are laying ( not unlike human females actually) and actaully the biggest suprise may be to you that the male tends to do most of the sitting on the eggs, (see the things you learn when your MIL has a budgie breeder for a m8…) :slight_smile:

PS nothing wrong with short females…Got less distance to go lol :wink:

My step-father is the President of the World Budgerigar Society and I still know very very little about them :stuck_out_tongue: