Happy Birthady Droid

Have a good day :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday m8 :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday :wasted:

Have a good one D!

Thanks Guys
Been out for the day and just had me birthday tea, complete with Shrek Birthday cake :smiley:
I’ve been having fun with a mini DV camera, I was given, basically a portable web cam which comes with some great digital camera producer software.

Blair Witch Project, watch out!! :lol:

Just a quick pic of the camera. It’s called Apollo MPEG4 digital dream. it’s about the size of an mp3 player . Great for parties where you don’t want to lug a full digital8 camera around, but want something better than a 3G camera phone.

Happy Birthday m8 :thumbsup:

:clap: Happy Birthday :clap: