Happy Birthday Curly

hope you have a good 'un, have some of these :drink: :cheers: :wasted:

and one of these :wolram:


woohooo happy birthday :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good’un o’Curly one;)

Happy Birthday mate :cheers:

Ya tart, have a happy one! :wave:

HB m8, all the best :nod:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Happy Birthday curl’s, have a few beers on TPR :cheers:

Happy Birthday Curly :cheers:

Happy birthday curly:D

Many Happy Returns of the day, Curly :thumbsup:

:woot: Have a great day Curlz. :cheers:

Happy Day Curly :slight_smile:

Have a good one Newsmeister :smiley:


happy birthday mate, hope you have a great day filled with beer n pie, or pie in pie with beer…

all the best


Have a good one m8y :slight_smile:

:clap: Happy Birthday Curly :clap:

Hope you have a great day :thumbsup:

Happy birthday dude:cheers:

Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Curlz! :slight_smile: