Happy Birthday Droid

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday old man :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Droid, have a good one :cheers:

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday

Cheers guys! Unfortunately I’m working all day and I can’t really have a drink tonight as I have an interview at 8.45am tomorrow in Cheltenham for a job at the hush-hush communications centre. Will make up for it on Saturday night though :devil:

Haapy Birthday Droid

Good Luck and the super secret interview and the General Council H.Q.

Happy Birthday Droid! :slight_smile:

Hippy Burpday!

ill have a couple in your honour then :slight_smile: :trophy:

Happy Birthday Droid :cheers:

have a great day :smiley:


Droid has a hush, hush interview at Cheltenham?

I’d wish him a happy birthday, but he’s have call himself diorD. However, happy wotsit :slight_smile:

:lol: Interview turned into a 4-part psychometric type test, involving numeracy, words, character recognition and object orientation. Didn’t seem to do too good with a couple of the tests, but others were struggling too so I didn’t feel too bad. Just got to see if I get through to the next level… Anyways, beers are awaiting drinking.:wasted::drink::glug::wasted:

Happy Birthday mate :slight_smile:

Hope you had / have a fab evening :cheers: