Happy Birthday!

snapper (56), Darin Billing (39), KefKef (33)


Dont get to drunk.
Though you should all be sensible at your ages :wink:

:clap: Happy Birthday guys :clap:

happy birthday people hope you have a good one :smiley:

Happy Birthday chaps!

Happy Birthday you three. Have fun and don’t do anything i wouldn’t :wink:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys :drink: :cheers: :glug: :woot: :wasted:

have a good day and not too much beer, remember it is Thursday not Friday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday. :drink: :drink:

Well, it would have been a good day, except that some bright spark decided that whilst i was off the power should be tested to the server room, one dodgy switch later and were still picking up the pieces.

Reminder to self, don’t have a birthday next year!!!