Hard drive temps

What’s the recommended temp to try and keep your drives at, during the heat wave of the last few days my drives at home have peaked out at about 44 degs, and the one on my office 50:eek:

I don’t know but I’m sure you could cook a egg on the ones in my Shuttle :chuckle:

lol just need to put some sausages, bacon and beans on there and you can have a full English breakfast without having to move away from your pc :slight_smile:

oh don’t talk to me about shuttle’s… I’ve given in on mine and am ready to throw it out of the window. think both the PSU and Mobo are fired as it’s runs very hot ( even with lots of extra fans and mods ) and keeps crashing and reboots at random times

Can go to the manufacturer’s site and see if they have specs for operational temperature. Most of mine run around 40C on and idle, going up to 50C if there is a lot of sustained disk access. Apart from the notorious deathstars, I don’t think I have had any heat related failures…

Most current drives seem to have a max temp of 50C but it is recommended to keep them below 35C.

Recently had serious issues with a drive in a shuttle that corrupted the OS once it reached 50C for a sustained period, moved it into another rig with a fan cooled drive bay and it’s happy back at 33C currently…