Hard work never hurt anyone ?

A programmer has warned how a marathon 12 hour sit gave him a blood clot that could have killed him. Chris Simmons, 42, was rushed to Bristol Royal Infirmary after a thrombosis travelled to to his lung.

The Register implies you could get round this by wearing stockings. Probably why none of my work colleagues have been afflicted then!

Or just get some exercise…

You’re supposed to take breaks every hour to prevent this :stuck_out_tongue: Ok, if you get stuck in it might not be every hour, but even a short walk around would do.

i cant sit still for too long anyway… i normally sit on 1 leg under and then swap, or just sit normally… so i think i shuold be fine :slight_smile:

I get up every hour to get my next caffine fix. :lol:

In the office i’m up at least every hour getting a drink… plus getting
the drinks for afew others :wink:

So a good ish walk around :wink:

And if I get zombiefied by the VDU there’s alway’s something in the warehouse to check <cough> :wink:

well…i move the mouse…
err lift a glass or can…helen refills usually…
oh yeh change baby but that takes like 2 minuits…
and go to bed…
wake up then plonk thy ass :D.
nah last few days ive been walking up and down from the town constantly and out doing the garden ect… and fixing things tidying up…in fact lately i havent even been on EVE for anymore than an hour.


I’ll keep this in mind with my revision then :chuckle:

I get up to get a coffee about once every 13 mins anyway - i think i’ll be ok :slight_smile: