Haribo Starmix rules

as subject

nothing more to say

49p for 1250g at Asda :smiley:


I thought this was going to be another game :smiley:

me too :lol:

Barry would agree with you totally DT :lol: My mum (who works at Asda) keeps sending bags down. She says they’re for the kids, but I think she buys them for him really :rolleyes I have to hide them from him now so that the kids do actually get some :lol:

now that i’d like!!

i had fun with there easter eggs because they’d over ordered, hmmm 77p for one of the medium sized easter eggs


I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Fizzy Fish, Cheeky Monkeys and Flying Saucers, 3 for a pound rule!! :smiley:

|There ALL good. :smiley:

Haribo Super Sours rock :headbang:

Not half as much as having a mate whose dad works for Haribo and can get staff sales!


had a flatmate who worked at Rowntrees, my waistline has never recovered from the reject winegums!