Has anyone tried GridRepubic BOINC account manager?

It looks like there’s an alternative to BoincStats BAM.


It seems kind of funny… As you sign up, they want your user name, password, you select some of the BOINC projects that you want, and then they attempt to make the connection to the projects. (They didn’t mention what they were going to use the email address for, so it couldn’t make the connection to SETI, but it did for Rosetta…maybe Rosetta thought that a new person was signing up).

After that, they want you to download a 10MB application. I lost interest at this point.

Has anyone else been tempted to try it? How well does it work?

It looks to me like a complete newbies way of getting it done. I assume the 10Mb file is the BOINC application :wink:

I’m seeing it as you select all the details etc etc etc on the site and download the application thats already preconfigured for you and wham, bam off you go.

Well… if it gets people crunching… for science… why not?