This cheered me up, Britain used to wear hats.
Now its a warning sign if somebody drives wearing a hat because they are either

a) Flat Hat/Trilby = circa 103 and probably driving a Maestro
b) Baseball cap (possibly on backwards) = Chav/Scally or TWOCer
c) Flat hat with black/white pattern = Policeman

great photo, notice the lack of shoving too ::slight_smile:

I used to wear a trilby on occasion when going out - but now I just don’t go out :wink:

Main reason for people not wearing hats these days is the invention of the automobile… People used to do a lot of walking… nowadays people tend to walk from home to car, drive to work, walk from car to the office. no need for hats even if it’s raining.

5th on the front row - happy soul isn’t he?

2nd on the front row - he’s a dinner plate smuggler if ever I saw one…