Having problems with LifeMapper

I am running lifemapper on a P4 with XP installed.

This machine is also my downloading machien and as such I have at least 2 acounts logged in at anyone time.

Lifemapper is crashing with a ‘Could not load dataset’ error quite regularly and its pissing me off, I have a sneaking suspision that remote desktop&user switching are to blame.

Anyone got any suggestions


This any good…? I just happened to be browsing the Lifemapper site this morning, remembered I had seen it.

EDIT: also remembered another thread http://planetspectre.com/cgi-bin/lifemapper/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=8;t=2

mmm a definate posibility.

The machien did have Getright installed but I carefully uninstalled it as the first time LM ran it picked upt he zip file. I just killed getright and restarted LM and it seamed fine.

This is an odd one.