Hello everyone!

It’s been a long while since I’ve been around, but I’m hoping that may change soon! Lots of things going on 'round here, and I’m glad to see everyone is doing well.

My job changed almost two months ago and I’ve been working non-stop, but in a much better way than before. I’ve finally got things caught up pretty well and I’m able to leave at the end of the day on time instead of working an extra two or three hours each day.

We haven’t sold our house yet, and we’ve had a few issues come up with it, but I’ve finally convinced my wife we need to replace the flooring in the kitchen with something better than these cheap vinyl tiles. Ever since we put them down, we’ve developed a smell that I can only attribute to mold. No matter how much cleaning we do, that smell is there. I’m now getting quotes to replace the flooring professionally but also on materials in case we want to try it ourselves if pro installation is too much. With that and the carpets being cleaned, I think things will look up just a bit, possibly convince folks to be more interested in the house.

Otherwise, all is well, we are healthy (mostly) and running along with our daily lives.

Nice to hear that.

Hope it all goes well for you

Good to hear from you again - and I am pleased that things seem finally to be turning out OK for you again.

Welcome back CS. Glad you’ve got things mostly sorted (except for the smelly tiles :smiley: )

On your flooring, have you looked into Pergo or something similar? It’s very easy to install, seals well and is reasonably inexpensive. Looks excellent as well.


/me waves, lo folks…scarpers off again before anyone notices…

drezha pal, you the same guy as this


if so i look fwd to seeing you at LFU/LFW :wink:


yeah thats me. Only one drezha floating round the internet as far as I know :smiley:

BTW thats if I get the lift there mate :wink:

You better :wink: means i got more people to sho…i mean team up with :stuck_out_tongue:

Well hello CT…hey on that floor smell…Try this to check something…

Take Plastic 1’ x '1 sq and place on area…tape all edges…leave for 48 hrs…check to see if anything is growning or wet after period of time.

If all clear it’s not mold…the smell could be related to basement/crawl space.

Hope simple test helps…also PERGO stuff is easy. I used a Formica brand click together tile…was easy and wow what a difference. Came in 3 Titles togther 12x36" went down in hours…no glue and not lots of trim issues.

This is in our kitchen, so we’re going to just put in vinyl again, as was originally there. Pergo is great, I’m hoping to put it down in our next home. Thanks all, I’m glad some folks remember me!

Greg, we have a slab, so its not a basement issue. The primary areas we’ve noticed the smell is strongest are where the dog’s food and water bowl are, and on the other end of the kitchen where he’s got a rather bad habit of peeing. We clean up, the tiles are tight and not lifting off, but I think something’s growing anyway.

We had a call last night from a woman that walked through a while back. She has a bid in on her house and as soon as its accepted, she’s going to work out a bid on ours. She wants to replace the flooring throughout, so we may not have to replace flooring ourselves. We’ll see how it goes.