Well as some of you have noticed i stopped crunching.
I dont want this to turn into another slugfest where more people leave.
i read the daily flame and i noticed that most of you were saying that they did not want me to leave.
well thanks to those who did it was very nice to read.
I have joind Team picard and i am now crunching for them.
not becuase i have anything against any one here in fact i think you are all great…
but mostly becuase of other things.
so see you all around. and keep safe guys :).
and thanks for all the help and support i have had from all of you in the past.
maybe i will have the pleasure of shooting some of you on DT’s server ;)lol
Signing out.

WTF’s happening to the team?


You know where we are Andy :slight_smile: Even though you’ve decided to crunch for Picard, don’t be a stranger here…or I’ll just need to come up to Scotland and beat you up :smiley:

But then again a pink cardie will suit you mate :wink:

/edit. After reading the posts that have led to you and the major leaving i’m off out to steam and fume for a bit before i post again :mad:

Its a bit quiet over there.
Sometimes thats a good thing :rolleyes:

Oh yes please :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try and get to a mojo’s meet eventually (me and helen that is).
that is if i am accepted.;).
like i said you are all a great bunch of people and i prommiss i wont dissapear :slight_smile:

Sorry it has come to this, Andy :frowning:

You will always be welcome at a TPR meet (after all, we accept those Analogue Dank Cubicle folks! :stuck_out_tongue: )

As they said Andy. We will miss you, so come on back again and see us all, you hear…Oh and bring your WUs with you as well :wink:

thanks guys.
i will try and get me and helen to a meet as soon as we can… i got a call off the jobcenter this morning telling me of an available aprentaship sp?.
in ICT for the Glasgow City Council.
so im waiting on an aplication from those.
speek soon guys :slight_smile:

Good luck Andy.