Help Help WORMSS messed up my computer!!! 😢

Hey - Sorry to have to bother everyone like this but could anyone send some useful advice in my direction!?

WORMSS sent me a link … Long Story … and when I had finished looking on the page a wonderful little Adult entertainment icon popped up on my dsektop along with a Sudoku Programme called Yazzle!!!

Now I have gotten rid of Yazzle, but this horrible Icon keeps cropping up on my desktop and d/c me from the internet! It only happens when I am online and randomly seems to rear its ugly head from time to time!!!

I have found the source files in C:\WINDOWS\Temp and a selection og win##.tmp.exe crop up along with some registry files sdl##.tmp.reg, I can delete them but they seem to keep reclycling themselves and re appearing leading to the icon to appear on my desktop!

I have tried looking for abnormalities in regedit and other programmes and on the task manager when they appear but I cant find anything!

I do have a adware/popup blocker/virus scanner but they are a little slow and only seem to find things 5 mins after they have popped up or just as they are reclclying themselves rather than finding the cause of the problem!!!

I have been deleting my temporary internet files as soon as I leave webpages to try and counter any input from the internet but this seems futile as well! I recently looked for more info on the icon itself as it appeared in D:\Temporary Internet Files and it came up as a file from certain ip addy / website which I then stuck into my popup blocker, it blocks it but stuff still gets through, and it also is derived from an *.exe file called universa.exe (no “L”) and I have also looked for info on this on a few forums (Mainly ones in Dutch :dizzy:) and have not found a suitable solution!

Please Please Please Please PLEASE could someone send some info my way to help me get rid of this! Im sorry I am comming to you guys all pleady and needy but I am getting desperate as it seems to be getting worse and worse everyday and it is starting to debilitate my use of the computer :frowning: :sigh:

Try there, read and follow the instructions on the last few posts.

Oh and tell Worms to stop watching/sending you that dodgy clown porn stuff :wink:

Oh god… i’d forgotten about the clown porn :lol:

Sounds like nasty spyware stuff Queeny, Spybot and Lavasoft’s adaware are two pieces of software that will get you off to a good start. Microsofts defender is supposed to be quite good too :slight_smile:

i have sent her adaware recently and she says she done the latest update on it… spybot i have not got as it tended to lock down some features that i use alot… got boring uninstalling it just to change a setting, then reinstalling it again.

Thanks Sirgaz - I dont have Hijack and the adaware stuff Ive aleady tried so I guess its back to square one :sigh:

and Clown Pron?

I dont even want to think about wanting to know!!!

Give panda titanium a bash

After you use Panda’s trial version , goto
Start -> Run -> type

CAREFULLY navigate and delete the following entried just to make sure :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Uninstall

Then quit .

Manually delete the folder in C:\Program files

Theres an excelent sticky in the windows forums here with links for hijack this amoungst others… download and run and 2/3rds down the page is a link to a hijack this log analiser that should tell you what needs to be deleted to get rid of your problem.

hth, Curly

Thank you XD I am on my Laptop at the moment to try and avoid the problem but I will give them both a try tomorrow and report back O_o