Help TV Motoring trivia needed

I was channel hopping a few weeks ago and watched a program where a bloke was building a kit car to take racing. It wasn’t the normal “A 4x4 is born” with Mark Evans.

The car was an open top track day special in blue.
It was chain driven, he had to shorten the chain at one point during final testing

Anybody else watched it, it was the last in the series and I forgot to make a note of the car he was building.

Its taken a while to hook me but the sound of a paddle shift sequential box thats connected to a bike engine limited to twelvety thousand RPM is making me grin.

Just need to know what it was.

The westfield XTR2 looks way too finished to be the car in this program.

was it Kit Car Crisis on discovery real time where he built a car in his shed at the bottom of the garden , then hired a crane to move it on to the road.


hope this helps

I belive the program in question is kit car crisis. with a Hayabusa engine :drool:

edit: lol beaten to the post while drooling. :smiley:


Thats the beasty.

Now factor in the juicy detail that a Hayabusa engine makes an easy 300+ BHP with a bolt on turbo kit.