hello, my name is marce im kinda desperate… my boss installed UltraVNC software in my computer and now he looks into my files everytime he wants and messes with my MSN,Yahoo contacts… i’d like to know if there any posibility to turn this damn thing off from my very own PC… it’s freaking me out !! i dont know nothing about this !$·&@"(=& so plz… hehe anybody? respond? plz help me out… mail me… :frowning:

I wont email you as it could be a ploy to get my email ady…

well first of all its illegal from what I understand… so sort it with the police!

UltraVNC to delete MSN and yahoo contacts off a work PC sounds like a very legit reason to me… :nod:

yahoo and msn are personnal and he shouldnt be even looking there…

he should just ask for the person not to use it…

or even just remove the software off the pc… spying is a big :nono:

Depends how its being done, and is it in any works procedures / employees contacts of employment that monitoring may occur its not exactly illigal if part of company policy that you have agreed to via contract of employment to exept as part of your working enviroment / company practices.

Equally blury line between IT machine maintenance and intrusive monitoring.

Are you as an employee using the machines for activities not approved by the
company ? i.e. anything other than official work.

Equally was you forewarned that the software was being put on and the purpose it was put on for ?

Anyway best I can suggest is a read of this… Uk based but should equally apply to most EU member states.

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Hello Marce or Alessa.
Try this forum UltraVNC - Index page?

Oh, and do you know the capital of Peru ?

:newmon: classic TFW, classic :smiley:

Personal use of any messengers should not be allowed at work unless approved first which I would not do…
One is not paid to chit chat at work.
But what he should have done, if your business does not use these programs is to have removed it with notifying you that it is not personal just a company rule. Looking into your personal matters is wrong, yet it is their company, their service, their money that is being used for your own personal matters.
If the programs are used for work also and one was caught using it for personal matters, I would have giving one warning and termination on the second occurrence, and have done so in the past.