Hey all

Just though id pop over from OcUK to say hi to all the leavers/banned peeps etc… hope ya all alright and take care. :slight_smile:
Good luck with TPR you seen a good set of lads. :slight_smile:

Hey TrUz, nice to see you. Hope things are good.

Feel free to say hello whenever, don’t be a stranger :slight_smile:

Hiya TrUz nice to see ya . Keep visiting and posting , oneday you wont want to leave …:Pimp:

Originally posted by Mortlake
Hiya TrUz nice to see ya . Keep visiting and posting , oneday you wont want to leave …:Pimp:

Blatant pimpage tbh. :smiley: :Pimp:

Hi TrUz, nice to see you here :nod:
Pull up a keyboard, have a bowl of custard :scared:
add a :banana: and SpeedyJ will make you welcome :cuddle:

/Thats if Fiend or The Dark one don’t get you first :lol:

Nice of you to say hello. :nod:

I must say your team has an impressive record of new recruits with 20 in just the last week. That is more than we’ve had. And you have several times the active members of TPR. More power to you.

Come chat anytime. :wave:

Originally posted by TrUz
Blatant pimpage tbh. :smiley: :Pimp:

Of course … From what I’ve seen here in the last few days , its not only allowed but almost obligatory. :smiley:

Hi TrUz :slight_smile:

Nice to see you here. Sure we can’t tempt you?:eek: :wink:

Happy crunchin :slight_smile:

Rather than start another thread (forgive the hijack TrUz) I’d also like to say hello and wish all the best to the ex-OcUK peeps and of course the TPR regulars.


Donna, I still remember the chat we had on the Wusuals mIRC channel about that ‘thread’, you know the one I mean ? I must admit, I’m certainly not that comfortable over there as I once was. Anyways, all the best you lot. :smiley:

You could make yourself VERY comfortable here if you like
Chasser :wink: :banana:
Thanks, and best wishes :nod:

ey up lads :slight_smile:

good bunch over here … :deal:

hello dood :wave:

i propose you join us :wiggle: :Pimp: :wink: :slight_smile:

Originally posted by LUC1FER
i propose you join us :wiggle: :Pimp: :wink: :slight_smile:

Pimpage !! Love it. :smiley: Still undecided, the OcUK boat is rocking at the moment but there are still lots of good people in there, many unaware of the turmoil behind the scenes.

H’onwards & H’upwards :slight_smile:

I have though about leaving not due to recent events though as i dont know the full story so im in not position to make a choice about recent events. It also has nothing to do with the peaople there all top peeps, but for me there isnt much of a challange at ocuk no more ye we aint number 1 yet but its only a matter of time with mos n all. Im still undecided though. :Pimp:

Hi Chasser :slight_smile:
Nice to see you here too! We all have our reasons for moving! The catalyst was another one of ‘those’ threads in the SETI forum a few days ago. Now deleted of course :mad:

Good luck with the start of the race today and go WTC :smiley:

Feel free to visit us over here anytime - you’re always welcome :slight_smile:

Happy crunchin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Truz good to see you.

:Pimp: Well apart from being a rising team where your efforts can make a difference, what I like about over here is the freedom to say what you like (within the limits of decency and consideration for others) and to be able to freely link to interesting suppliers sites etc.

Welcome to the boards and TPR you two, feel free to pop in and have a chat any time you like.

Hi :wave:

Howdy! :nod: :wave:

@TrUz & Chasser, Gleetings and salutations…

Would you care for a bowl of our fine custard? Sure beats that old Banana Cake! Lot more tasty!

I was saddened to leave OcUK but I couldn’t tolerate the attitude of :vader: anymore, and I was put in a position where I couldn’t contribute anymore… And i had to leave behind a lot of people I respected…

Don’t be strangers and you never know - you might like what you see over here… There’s always a “Vacancy’s” sign posted at the door if you decide you like enough to stay and there’d be no trouble finding a bed for you in the LoonyBin!