Hey All

Not really one for great introductions what can i say, I’m 33 dude from Doncaster in the UK. Love MMO’s and various other games so far i play perpetuum and Css, other games that are currently getting dusty but still get a little attention is Eve online and Anarchy Online.

Other than that i find good communities and making friends along the way a great bonus to most online games.

Well not much else i can think of saying so i’ll leave it at that anyone whith questions feel free.


Welcome to the community!
Hope you find it good to be amongst us, we’re not a bad bunch!

welcome to the forums Sypfer, and welcome to the Empire Universe alliance as well :smiley:

in a few moments, a nice but odd lady called Vortex will start asking technical questions about your computer and if it has BOINC installed on it for the Docking@Home project :lol:

Don’t mind her, but do take a look at the distributed computing forums :smiley:


will do thanks guys.

welcome :tiphat:

Welcome to the nut house:cuckoo:

Watch out for the custard :wink:

Howdy pardner:wave:

I’m Brian, a banker. Been in San Francisco for the whole 30 years. I work hard and I play hard. I’m glad to be here! :smiley:

Hi brian.

The Devils blood we have should do the same job in half the time as your first product link.