HI i'm new

Hi averyone !
i’m new in this ally…
so let me intruduce myself:

i’m voske real name Boudewijn Vos
i’m 18
i live in the south of france in nice…
i’m not going to school anymore, i’m working
and i LOVE playing rugby…

where are u guys from??


Welcome to the forums, I’m from Nottingham, also in the middle of England.


Welcome to the forums, im from Bergen (Norway) its on the western coast :wink:

Hi there - I’m from another planet so I’m told on a regular basis :smiley:

Near London :smiley:


btw, you have access to the alliance ogame forum now :slight_smile:

Hiya Voske :wave: I’m from the central (east) UK also.

It’s not as fashionable as Nice, although we do have our guided tours of the Steelworks :lol:

I feel it is only fair that we warn you Voske - there is a womble in Nice, last heard was wombling free as well


(user Ciccio aka womble move to Nice a while ago)

I be from the land of teh sheeps…not new zealand(sp) :rolls:

WALES…woohoo did anyone here Bristol got hammerd by Swansea 7-1 :open_mouth: shocking…

Welcome voske :wave:

Welcome to the team, voske! :wave: I’m from Bristol in the UK.



Oh dear. Well perhaps they’ll get rid of their manager now. (long overdue)

I’m 18 and from Devon in the UK.

Welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

:rotate: Welcome to the group. I’m from the eastern part of the USA.


I am from Shropshire - the beautiful heart of England :slight_smile:

Howdy :wave: I am from the land of the HOT HOT HOT! Phoenix Arizona USA

That’s a nice place DT. Much nicer than Far London. Don’t want to go there…

I’m also from Leicestershire, in the Midlands of the UK. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Oh, and hi to anyone who doesn’t know me and hasn’t seen me post yet. :wave:

Welcome to the forums! I’m from Oregon, USA, the state with the second highest count of microbreweries in the country! :cheers:

Hi there Voske

Originaly coming from the centre of germany I am now living in Dublin, Ireland
where it always rains at one time a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Omagh N.Ireland yay

curently residing in south england…weres all the rain?

Hiya:wave: I’m from Cape Town in sunny South Africa.

Welcome from sunny Jupiter, Florida USA Frappr.com

Hi voske!

I’m very near San Francisco, California, USA.

I wish I was 18 and in the south of France. OK, I wish I was 18 and anywhere! :slight_smile: