@Hidden Spirit - HAIR!!!

So come on then, some pics of the failed purple :Poke:


It’s just a bit darker than usual, nothing to get excited about :lol: May have to go get another box and try again :smiley:

I saw a mention of blue …


Lol have decided against the blue again…I’m in a purple phase now :wink:

Purple hair, isn’t that an old ladies hair colour…I’m thinking Mrs Slocombe from Are you being served.


Not that kind of purple Curly :wink: Was supposed to be like this - http://media.photobucket.com/image/purple%20hair/LucieFurre/PurpleHair.jpg

Been doing Burgundy for years… yet last week it became chocolate brown and cut to shoulder length.

Besides guys, no matter what Hid’s hair color is… you know she makes it hot.

:lol: Thanks for that Vortex :smiley:

Still no pictures ?

Is it that bad ?

It all washed out really quickly (even though it was meant to be permanent) so I’m back to natural summer colour now :frowning: