Hiring cars in USA #2

So as not to spoil the other thread I’ll start one…

My sister :cuckoo: told me that it only takes 5 and a half hours to drive san francisco to las vegas so I started looking at hire car options (found an XK :smiley: )) as I can cancel the already booked air tickets without penalty. But I’ve now found that it takes more like 9 hours to drive the trip which is a different proposition. It would have been great to plan the drive with a stopover but the rest of the holiday is planned and adding in a stopover isn’t really practical.

Can anyone confirm the driving time from the centre of SF to Vegas please.

Rather a long url but try there.

Thanks. I was hoping someone could offer personal experience. That link, like other route planners I’ve tried, suggests about 8 and a half hours and it gives a distance of 555 miles. That’s an impressive average of 64 mph. I thought most of the US had a limit of 55??

Western freeways are 75, back roads in Nevada are drive as fast as you can but don’t get caught. :driving: I had a Nevada State trooper pull up behind me one time while I was doing about 100mph on a 2 lane Nevada highway. He flashed his lights pulled up along side and just signaled me to slow down. I backed it off to 80 and he drove away, speed limit was 65. :wink: There is nothing in Nevada north of Las Vegas but miles and miles of desert.


PS you should be able to do that drive in about 6 hrs, hammer down, but being a foriegner, don’t get caught, it may take a judge to get you free.

Thanks for that. I’ve just checked and I may lose money on the air tickets already bought for the SF/Vegas leg :frowning: I’ll check on Monday. I’ll be hiring a motor for the week whilst in Vegas anyhow. I just thought it would be cool to drive there from SF in an XK :slight_smile:

Still, the way the Dollar moved today, I may be able to buy an XK instead of just hiring it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:

I talked with a friend that’s made the journey many times as a freight hauler and she gave me the estimate of about 8 hours. There are some passes to get through but otherwise its smooth sailing and speed limits are 65 or 75mph.

Los Angeles to Vegas is about 4.5 to 5 hours, maybe that’s where the original number came from.

Either way, the view will be spectacular from the air or ground.