Not sure where this should go by I have a small problem!

I have just bought a domain from and now they are telling me that I can only get all the cool stuff they advertised if I get a freeola account and connect via dial-up or Freeola adsl (Which sounds very suss to me) . Also they want £10 + VAT to move the domain to a different server. Non of this “important” information was made available at the time of registering the domain name. All I have now is a domain name with lots of strings attached. Anyone know an isp that will give me free unlimited emails and allow me to host this site from home?

Any bad experiences with getdotted anyone?

Arrrrggh *!"£!£!g small print and clauses

Muppet may be able to help tell you what you can do.

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There used to be a similar company called Freenetname - they gave you a free domain name if you used their dial up service. UK domain names cost Nominet members just £5.00 (exc VAT) for two years - so they must have made an absolute killing, as so many people used them.

There’s not much you can do apart from transfering your domain elsewhere, or use the freeola dialup/broadband service :frowning:

They charge the £10 to stop people from creating an account and then moving the domain elsewhere without getting any money back from it. Nominet now charge £15 for manual domain transfers - so I am afraid that whatever you do, you will have to shell out more money to use this domain you have registered. :frowning:

Give me a shout if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile: