Hmmmmmmm someone fetch me a cuppa

Some of you may know me from Digital Damproom and for those that dont know me your the lucky ones :smiley:

Seeing as Seti is more or less dead on the DD team I thought I’d pop along over here as Seti was my first true Crunching fun and I have a few machines still runing it (the rest are still on Rosetta with DD).

So I’ll just have a kip in the corner and if I get in anyones way please step over me :o


Welcome to the team, its always nice to see a new seti cruncher in the stats.

Yes, welcome indeed.

welcome to the team mate

Welcome to TPR SETI Jase!! :yippee:

Are you sure you want to leave your Rosetta WUs with the DD? :Pimp:

Welcome GSVJase (are you an Iain M Banks fan by any chance ?? or does the GSV have other implications )

Welcome aboard :smiley:

Indeed I am, Jase was always taken on any forums I ever signed up to so I added the GSV!

Droid, good try but I’m afraid the Rosetta WU’s are firmly with DD, I still have a lot of machines going on Rosetta but as Seti is no longer crunched @ DD I thought I’d come over here for a bit of fun with my small Seti PC’s :Orbit:

welcome to the team Jase :smiley:


No harm in asking. :smiley: Once again welcome aboard m8!

Welcome aboard :nanawave: