Holding out this time.

Big Brother.

I’m going to see if I can make the distance of not watching one single second of this latest offering. Its right up there with live coverage of David “LookAtMEEE” Blaine for things to avoid.

They need a new formula to get my interest and I bet I’m not alone with that thought.

Gary Glitter making a UK comeback appearance to find the house full of Vietnamese parents ?

Issue a food ration to each contestant and have a fridge where BigBrother can remove items without the contestants knowing leaving them to argue over who nicked what?
I suppose this wont interest many students though. Having your “stuff” nicked from the fridge is a daily event in a shared house.

So what would you do to add interest to Big Brother ?

True true…though it usually gets repaid…depedning on whether it’s alcohol or not:rolleyes:

Make it better?
Turn it off?

I haven’t watched a single second of it since the first series ended, and I’m proud of it :smiley:

I’m with Drezha on how to make it better :chuckle:

hmmm :chin: how to make Big Boring interesting enough to watch

OK, lets start off with a few faulty electrical items shocking
… followed up with a few booby traps scattered about:

razor blades in the toilet seat
light bulbs that randomly burst … showering White Phosphorus in a 6ft arc
chairs with hidden spring knives
super glue in the toothpaste tubes

… and all food has to have that special ingedient Satans Blood :smiley:

Methinks they should take all ‘would be’ Big Brother candidates, lock them in the house and turn off all the cameras and seal the doors forever. Ideally a small nuclear explosion would then follow.

I managed to get to contestant number 4 entering the house before I switched it off never to be watched again.

The only part I’ve seen was when it was shown on the BBC’s Wales Today programme, cos one of the people in the house was told not to use Welsh with the other Welsh speaker (“Big Brother” said it “could be considered talking in code”).

So what would you do to add interest to Big Brother ?



Had a near miss this morning, against my request that no big brother be watched on the main TV I came downstairs to hear the random screeching of some bubble headed attention seeker from the front room.

“is that big Brother ?”
“turn it off or I will”
“why ?”

Sound of RCD being tripped for “RING-1 (Downstairs)”

I win

big brother should take a note out of the show monkey dust with “people on the toilet” after all thats all so called “reality tv” is!

ah! ‘monkey dust’, so similar to ‘drawn together’. the cartoon experience of a lifetime!

Big Brother? :confused:
No idea what you’re talking about…and i want to keep it that way :wink:

I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and my mother and sister where watching it… seen some girl in playboy suit making sexual noises…that was enough… and ive avoided it.

Napalm seems the best way to liven it up.

Good luck to everyone avoiding it…may the Force be with you :slight_smile: