- MS do it again!

Link :smiley: :rolleyes:

Divvies. :slight_smile:

ROFL :lol:

I might print that out and frame it…

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Divvies. :slight_smile:
Eloquently put, my man :smiley:

He should let them pay badly now!
With ignoring all mails and calls before they showed missing interest, so it will be hard for them to claim bad intentions from this guy.



I hope he shafted them good.

God man i would have loved to have gotten my hands on that

$999,999,999 please sir or im putting a pr0n site up there :smiley:

stunning and wonderfull :slight_smile:

…and according to the link at the bottom of the article it aint the first time either. Not surprised…


People trust these guys with their IT infrastructures. Those are the divs :wink:

I don’t know how it is in the UK, but we’ve had a few of these types of cases happen. If he tries to milk it, Microsoft could take him to court and get him for cyber-squatting. With their lawyers, it’d be an easy win, despite the fairness of the matter. I doubt he’ll get anything more than what he paid for the domain and a thank you.

There is a way around the cyber-squatting thing. He just has to keep the domain name and not offer it to MS. It’s not cyber-squatting if they offer to buy it from him when he isn’t interested in selling. He can state plans to make business use of the site and ask that he be fairly compensated for the loss of opportunity that selling the site would cause. It’s flakey, but would work if planned right. Most importantly, the longer the delay, the more desparate MS is likely to be… can you say “settle out of court”? :wink: