How could it be? or See Dear I am not insane!

Where did they come from…
Four weeks ago I got up about three am and did the usual, sat next to the aquarium and have a cup of coffee. All a sudden I noticed four small snails in the tank. How could this be… I have added no plants and no fish in over a year. I maintain the biological filter well enough that other then topping the tank off with de-chlorinated tap water, adding bacteria and changing filters; there has not even been a partial tank change.

Well as I may have mentioned before, Mandy works late shift at a pharmaceutical company and does not come in till about 4-5 am. I could hardly wait to show her this strange invasion of the tank. Well… could not find a single snail in the tank when she got home. Four weeks! and not a sign of these snails.
Totally perplexed… Did I dream it, I have been a little overly medicated lately.

Yes! I am not crazy, this morning one appeared… grabbed the point and shot and captured this so called illusion I was having. She is still asleep so I must wait to be proven competent.

Anyone know how long such could have been hiding under the gravel (I assume) before needing to surface… is there another possibility that I have overlooked.
Hi-Res Version

imaculate conception? :chuckle:

Sure it’s a snail? Looks like the legs of a hermit crab from the pic (I haven’t got my specs on at the mo mind you :D)



Droid… get your specs on LOL

Seen it first time when it was on the glass, it is a snail.
Picture is a little misleading.
The shot was zoomed in through 6.35mm glass and about 13cm of water, the snail is only about 3.2 MM or 1/8 in. for those that have failed to give up the antiquated US system.
It is very tiny.

I think the Major is right. So a shrine I will build! and many thousands will now travel great distances to see the miracle snail, of course I do think a small fee is in order.
I just hope no wars are started of this religious event.

Interesting read Micheal, thanks!