How do I ?

ok, so some of you know I’m in plaster

Right Arm from just past my elbow to just before my knuckles. I’ve gotten most things sussed, but I’ve come accross one thing I cant work out how to do one handed…

Wash my left arm / armpit ?

it’s not too bad at the mo as the wife can jump in and do it, i’m off to my mum’s at the end of the week, I’m not about to get my mum to do it, and what to do when I’m at mojo’s?

So, your insparation is requested…

old fashioned “hoofer doofer”, basically a stick with a sponge on the end :slight_smile:

that’s what I used when I had my arm in plaster.


I can reach my left arm pit with my left hand, try that :wink: As for arm…I’m not sure :lol:

Can you hold a shower? If so put bag over right hand, attach flannel or sponge to shower head, apply soap to sponge/flannel, turn on shower and wash :smiley:

Sounds like you need your own personal nurse:devil:

anyone (female) on TPR willing to be my personal nurse for the next 6 weeks?

Ill do it for ya dammo ;).
ill even wear the uniform for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I did specify female didn’t I?

is there some secret your keeping from us andy?

/me starts to think the rumours are true :wink: :slight_smile:


@ Dammo i can be what ever you want me to be.:stuck_out_tongue:

@curly Nah the rumours are not true :wink:

flannel in left hand and a good deodorant in case you cant manage the job to 100%. whats the problem? in comparison to some of the farts that will be emitted by saturday evening? :wink:

How much can you afford… I am not cheap!
and of course there is travel expenses, car rental ( oh I would have to ride in style so please make it a 599gtb Ferrari )
I do like to eat well… Could we have steak and lobster at least three times a week. Ok get back with me so we can work out the details.:smiley:

having had the pleasure of breaking both wrists in the past 2 years what i can suggest is that you wrap up your cast in plastic of some sort (cling fiml is less bulky) and work from there, that is prvided of course (unlike me) you dont have a scaphoid plaster which covered my thumb and meant i couldnt hold nething in it and just had to get help…:slight_smile: hope that helps