How do they get away with it?!

I know freedom of speech and all that but this is sick!:mad:

America may not be my faveourite country or administration but I mean…thank God not all Christians are like this. Or all American’s to be honest:eek:

There just as bad as the people the soldier’s died fighting:mad:

If that is Gods will, then no wonder Satan rebelled!

I don’t personally believe there is a god, but i like to think i know my way around the scriptures of 3 major religions, and I’m sure the guy with the beard is supposed to love us not hate us?

I dont agree with the war, but to insult the memory of those who died… death is too good for that woman.

I have spent 30 minutes rewriting and rewriting this post, because i just cant express myself properly, I just don’t have the words to describe my abhorrance and disgust for that woman.

just keeps saying Loading… for me, its been almost 20 minutes…
thinks something wrong

what god where!!!